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Here is the test page.

How to translate a sentence ?

Starting to translate is very easy. Just press the "Edit" button on the bottom right of this page. The text should become marked as blue and a red pen will be add to the end of each bloc.

Click on a sentence and a small editor will be opened. The original sentence will be displayed with its translation into your native language. You can now modify the translation.

You have now a button to help you to translate. All you have to do is re-read the proposed translation.

What can you find on this website ?

This website have been originaly made to translate some Solar2D native documentation.

New documentation relative to Solar2D will be added next.

I'll add a new kind of community blog, where anybody will be able to post a news, update or translate post in order to have a big tutorial resource center.

There is still no Forum for non-english users. It could be a nice place to create one.

The website is developed in order to works in any language. Sooner, I'll be able to add a German or a Spain version of this website.